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Satellite Communications: earth stations, mobile, portable, marine satellite telephones - VSAT - Inmarsat

We offer:

  • Comprehensive satellite consulting and implementation services world-wide.
  • The marketing and distribution of Space Segment via Intelsat satellites covering Caspian region and Kazakhstan, and also on behalf of the Russian Satellite Communications Company for areas covered by Russian satellites Express, Gorizont. PSTN connection via the HUB stations located in the UK, USA, Europe, Russia, the CIS and internationally. Satellite Communications
  • Authorized supplier of certified C and Ku Band RF equipment to customers world-wide.
  • Supply your operation with 1.2 to 12 meter C and Ku Band Intelsat approved antennas, including complete Fixed or Mobile/Transportable Earth stations.
  • Supply your operation with 3.7 to 12 meter C and Ku Band tracking antenna systems specifically designed for data communications via Russian satellites.
  • Supply and integration of modern high-speed SDH (STM-1, STM-4) and PDH equipment with Satellite communication systems.
  • Lease Air-transportable Flyaway Satellite Earth Terminals from 1.8 to 4.5 meters, with the minimum lease period of one month. IDR, IBS , or SMS compliant. Large terminals can access the satellite within hours and smaller terminals - within minutes of deployment.
  • Supply certified Satellite PABX communications equipment for VSAT / Inmarsat / Iridium to customers world-wide.
  • Assistance with complicated procedures of licensing, certification and frequencies allocation for communications in most areas of Russia, the CIS and internationally.
  • Assistance with the customs clearance in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Do not buy a Satellite System without a Bid from us!

Your needs will be attended to promptly, with professional courtesy and respect you deserve.

Submit your inquiry via our  Satellite System Planning  questionnaire.

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