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Our Services

American Communication Systems provides research, development, consulting and technological integration services to meet the needs of corporate, business and professional clients in the areas of:

  • Wireless Networking
  • Data Communications
  • Land Mobile and Specialized Mobile Radio Communications
  • Long Range HF Communications
  • Satellite Communications
  • Voice over IP telephony
  • Telecom and Internet/Web software development

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Depending on the specific project we can provide simple off-the-shelf or highly customized systems tailored to the clientsí requirements. Our breadth of knowledge in virtually all phases of voice and data communications allows us to integrate state of the art technologies with existing systems, when practical, rather than forcing wholesale systems changes.

We also distribute equipment for a number of major manufactures. Our customers have a wide selection of the most advanced technological options to select from. Entire systems or system components can be delivered anywhere in the world.

American Communication Systems will assess your organizationís needs in relation to the overall business strategy. We define the optimal solutions to your problems, with emphasis on technology use for competitive advantage.

American Communication Systemsí multi-disciplined expert engineers are ready to assist in your communication system planning. Our services are provided by a team who have both a broad understanding of the technology industry and excellent experience in their specific fields.

See Communication System Plannig

Other Services:

Equipment Leasing

Radio Repair & Service

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