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Radio repair & service

NB: If you purchased equipment from us and it is under warranty, obtain an  RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)  instead.

We repair Motorola, Kenwood, Bendix King, GE, EF Johnson, Icom, Vertex Standard, Relm Uniden and others.

Radio repair – flat rate of $49.00 + parts – any type of repair. Programming – from $25.00 & up. Free estimate ($20 dollar value) included with repair.
If you decide not to go ahead with repair, pay only $20 + shipping.
(Prices are subject to change)

Nationwide and worldwide delivery. 90-day warranty on repair work.

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Check appropriate boxes for your radio: Out of Warranty
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1. Problem Description:
Bad battery
Battery not charging
Broken or missing controls
Dead radio
Incorrect programming
Cannot read/re-program
No squelch
Intermittent Rx or Tx
Limited communication distance
Missing parts
Physical damage
Radio not receiving
Radio not transmitting
Rx audio distortion
No/Low power
No/Low audio
No trunking
Blows fuse
Constant tone
Water or other liquid damage
Fail code, if any:
Other problems:
Additional info/comment: *
2. I want to order these items/accessories for the radio:
Backup radio
Carrying case
Rapid Charger
Slow Charger
Control head
Spare battery
3. I am including these accessories with my radio:
(Do not send accessories unless related to the problem with equipment. Always include a microphone with the mobile radio to be repaired.)
Backup battery
Carrying case
External mike/speaker
4. Choose your preferred method of payment:
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