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Equipment Leasing

Leasing is available to our customers (corporate and private), based in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It offers a valuable alternative to purchasing the goods outright.

How does it work?

The customer (lessee) determines exactly what equipment he or she needs to acquire from the vendor. Leasing is available for purchases between 2,000 and 2,000,000 dollars, to corporate and private clients. After the equipment is selected, complete a simple, one-page lease application and fax it to the leasing services’ company. Your approval is normally available within 48 hours. All of the necessary documents will be sent to you overnight to execute your order and arrange for the delivery of all equipment.

Leasing means:

  • Tax Benefits – your lease payments may be 100% tax deductible;
  • 100% Financing – leasing permits 100%+ financing with no down payment. This includes software costs, warranties, tax, freight and installation;
  • Greater Leverage of Capital – leasing conserves valuable company working capital. No large cash outlay is required;
  • Conserve Bank Credit – leasing preserves bank credit lines;
  • Flexible Payment Plans – longer and more flexible terms are available other than financing (up to 60 months), structured to your budget – as well as seasonal payments, semi-annual payments, deferred payment options are available to fit almost any cash flow;
  • Fixed Rates – lease payments are fixed, not adjustable with floating interest rates;
  • Lower monthly payments – leasing allows for longer terms than bank loans – therefore your monthly payments are lower;
  • Obsolescence Protection – leasing provides protection from equipment obsolescence – your facilities are always up to date. You can easily get add-ons and/or upgrades;
  • No waiting for banks to approve loan applications;
  • You can lease new or used equipment;
  • High approval ratio.

Who leases?

Leasing is fast growing in popularity among businesses needing to finance their equipment purchases. A recent survey found that 80% of US businesses lease at least a portion of their equipment. Leases vary from small, one-person businesses to large corporations. Customers can chose from various purchasing options at the end of their leases, with portions of their costs deferred to the end of the lease, when a decision to retain or upgrade their equipment is made. At the lease end, the equipment can be purchased, returned or the lease extended.

Interested? Want more information?

Contact  American Communication Systems.

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