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What do I need to know when placing an international order?

Placing an international order is not that different from any other. However, there are several notable differences:

  • Additional paperwork is required for international shipments.
  • Documentation fee may apply (for commercial invoice, shipper's export declaration, drafts, etc.).
  • We insure all shipments for 100% of the declared value, and the shipment coverage is CIP, Buyer's airport.
  • All freight charges are responsibility of the Buyer. They will be added to the Invoice.
  • The Buyer is responsible for compliance with all the rules and regulations governing purchase and importation of products. If in doubt, contact your local authorities for more information, before making a purchase. Some countries have special import restrictions. Government approvals may delay shipment and delivery of your order.
  • The Buyer is responsible for customs duties, local taxes, licenses and permits.

If you are using a Credit or Debit Card to order, please note that:

  • Processing of your order is contingent upon approval of the transaction by your credit card company. As some international credit cards have daily limits, this may delay processing of your order until the transaction can be charged in full.
  • If this is your first order, please send by fax, post or e-mail attachment a photocopy (or scan) of your credit card (front and back of card). Send along a photocopy of your credit card billing statement. The billing statement should clearly show your billing address and the credit card number.
  • Please hand write or type your credit card number and expiration date, and your signature authorizing this transaction -- if you are faxing or sending JPG/GIF. International credit card orders will not be shipped until we receive a readable copy of this information. This verification process is normally required only for your initial order, after which we enter you into our customer database. Future use of your credit card is still contingent upon bank approvals.
  • If paying by credit card: all international deliveries will be made to an address on your credit card statement. If you require a shipment to a different address -- please use other forms of payment. We accept wire transfer, Western Union, PayPal, international money orders or bank drafts.

Note that we must comply with export control regulations of the U.S.A. and may refuse to process any order if it violates American law.

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