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Contact Tips

As an e-commerce enterprise, we have consciously selected e-mail as our main contact medium with visitors and customers. It's a wonderful vehicle for virtually instantaneous communication.

E-mail simplifies exchanges and leaves a permanent record for later reference. Alas, the "written word" has a drawback. We don't see faces or hear voices. E-mail may not relay well the urgency of your request. E-mail is too new for conventional ways of face-to-face communications. It lacks contextual and nonverbal cues.

For these reasons we offer contact tips to visitors, on how to make our interactions more efficient, yet human and personal.

  • Be informal in your e-mails - we like it that way!
  • The e-mail address you're providing should be valid and active. See that your mailbox has enough available storage to receive our message(s).
  • If you filter incoming mail, give us ( permission to send e-mail to you.
  • The subject of your e-mail should be brief, does not need to be a complete sentence, and should give us a clue to the contents of the message. This way your e-mail winds up with someone who can best handle your inquiry.
  • We get lots of correspondence. If you are referring to previous e-mail, explicitly quote that document to provide context. Or copy and paste the portion of original e-mail that you reference into your reply email.
  • If you have a choice of sending us text or HTML messages - go for 'plain text', as the lowest common denominator. Save the fancy stuff for attachments.
  • We offer several Input Forms to assist with your queries. Your are invited to use them. Save time, organize thoughts, make our job easier.
  • Be specific when asking for information. Do not presume that we know every detail of every product ever made. Give us as much details as you can, so we can respond in a timely fashion. Explain your concerns or problems.
  • We normally respond to e-mails within 24 hours. Need faster response? Flag your e-mail as urgent. But save "urgent" for when it really is.
  • When corresponding, at least tell us who you are, what country you reside in. We ignore anonymous e-mails.
  • Silence snuffs out an e-mail exchange. Silence in e-mail is ambiguous. We have no way of knowing if you received our response and are satisfied, or dissatisfied with results. Simple "thanks" or "we'll get back to you" tells us that our e-mail is getting through. Works both ways!
  • We don't mind hearing that you found a better deal or service elsewhere (truly, we want to know).
  • And, in conclusion: "Tell everybody if we gave you the kind of service you expected. If we failed you - tell us".

Thank you for your cooperation!

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