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Search tips for

  • Use lexically correct queries
    In your search queries at our site we recommend that you avoid words with special characters that are neither letters nor digits - &, |, #, (), etc. The searches are more efficient when various stop-words - such as articles, prepositions, and particles - are not used. In most cases your query is fulfilled on the basis of "can we find given words within product's description".

  • Check your spelling
    When no result is returned (product not found), the query may contain misspelled words or words with special characters. Carefully check the spelling before resubmitting. When you are unsure of the right spelling, try looking for a partial match (instead of "transceiver" - search for "tran", "satellite" can be found under "sat", etc.).

  • Too many items are found
    When your query returned too many results, narrow the scope of the search. Check off a box 'Seach in found', next to the 'Find' button, on the very top of the page. Then enter additional words to search for and click the 'Find' button. Instead of scanning the entire database, we now look at the results returned by the previous query. If the words you've just entered can be found, we will return a shorter list for your review.

  • Use synonyms
    If a query did not return expected information, use other words. It's a good idea to submit a query with 3-4 synonyms or multiple keywords at the same time. Delimit these words by vertical bar character '|', see Query Language. Products with descriptions containing any of these words will be found. For example: instead of looking for "motorola gp340 radios", submit a query for "gp340 | portable radio | motorola".

  • Do not use uppercase letters (proper words)
    If a word in a query contains UPPERCASE letters, ordinarily you cannot find words with corresponding lowercase letters. Therefore, stay away from the uppercase letters or Proper Words. It is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of the first word in query.

  • Use Advanced Search
    Take advantage of the full search capabilities at our site, with the help of Advanced Search feature. It provides a wide range of search options through a simple interface. Several search conditions may be applied concurrently with our advanced search query (AND operation).

  • Query Language
    Using special characters within the query language brings you more accurate results.
    Query language syntax:
    • We can conduct concurrent searches for any words in your query, if they are delimited by: '|' (vertical bar) characters, the word 'or'. Your words will be treated as synonyms. When a query for "gp340 | portable" or "gp340 or portable" is submitted, we search for product descriptions containing either word.
    • Using delimiter characters spaces, '+' (plus), ',' (comma), '&', the word 'and', search for all words in your query is conducted. When a query for "gp340 portable" or "gp340 + portable" or "gp340,portable" or "gp340 & portable" or "gp340 and portable" is submitted, we search for product descriptions containing both words.
Query language description
Syntax Description Query example
OR operation
lower priority than AND operation
"gp340 | portable"
"gp340 or portable"
space ' '
AND operation
higher priority than OR operation
"gp340 portable"
"gp340 & portable"
"gp340 and portable"

Note: "Motorola" and "GP340" are registered trademarks of Motorola.

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