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Land-Mobile and Wireless Voice/Data System Planning Questionnaire

Skip items that do not apply to you. When in doubt, give us your best guess. Any information you share with us will be kept in strict confidence.

NB: If you are planning a satellite communication system, refer to Satellite System Planning.

Tell us about yourself
E-mail Address: *
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Salutation: *
First/Given Name: *
Last/Family Name: *
Company Name: *
Mailing Address: *
City: *
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Zip Code/Postal Code: *
Country: *
Telephone (with area code): *
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Fax (with area code):
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What business are you in?
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Project Information
Is this a project or bid solicitation (tender), or preliminary investigation? Project  Bid Solicitation  Preliminary Investigation
My primary interest is:
Are you the end-user or a system integrator/service provider? End-User   Integrator
Have you contacted other firms for the same? Yes   No
My authority for this project is:
We provide technical training, post-sale support - would they be of interest to you?
How would you prefer to be contacted to discuss the project?
Would you like for us to do the turn-key installation? Yes   No
Do you have brand preferences?
Is this a new system or upgrade of an existing system? New System   Upgrade
If existing system, what equipment is in use now:
System Data
System Purpose:
System Type:
If "Other" - explain:
Number of users (Portable, Mobile, Base, Repeaters, Hubs, Remote Users, if any):
For Data or Voice system, specify required Data Rate, kbps:
System Configuration:
Operating frequencies:
If "Other" - provide frequency:
Number of frequencies/channels:
Maximum communication distance:
Power Source requirements:
Do you need a permit for radio frequencies for this system? Yes   No
Information About Sites
Elevation above average terrain:
Terrain description (i.e. rural, city, mountainous, existing obstructions, antenna installation restrictions, etc.):
Special Climate/Weather Considerations:
Is site survey required for antenna installation? Yes   No
Tower(s) Height and Location:
Antenna(s) Type (Omni, Directional) and Transmission line length (approximately):
Multicouplers or Combiners (number of channels), if any:
Additional Information
What is your budget for this project (in US Dollars)?
Note: The budget figures will not be used to sell you the most expensive system. Rather, we need the information to stay within budget when making a proposal for your system, to meet your expectations.
Projected funds availability:
What are your deadlines for Proposal/Quotation?
Proposed Implementation Date (MM/YY):
We make leasing available to customers in North America and Europe. Would you be interested? Yes   No
Would you need complete detailed pricing on every component or would a budgetary price be sufficient at this point?
Your Message: *
In your own words, please describe to us your goals, requirements and expectations for this communication system.
* - required fields
Thank you for your time.
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