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Vendor: Icom
Category: Options
Item SKU Number:  008462

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Icom FL-232
View Full Image: Icom FL-232

350 Hz/-6dB Filter CW/RTTY Narrow (9MHz IF)  

For use with Icom radios (See a list of compatible models)

FCA point / Shipped from:  USA

  Compatible products      FL-232

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Receivers HF   (2)

  Description      FL-232

ICOM FL-232 350 Hz Filter

350 Hz/-6dB Filter CW/RTTY Nar. (9MHz IF)

I.F.: 9.0106 MHz.

Selectivity: at -6 dB 0.35 kHz.

Compatible with Icom transceivers/receivers:

IC-775 DSP

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