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Vendor: Barrett
Category: Mobile radios HF
Item SKU Number:  007159
Discontinued. Accessories are available.

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921 HF Email system - PACTOR II modem complete outstation (no antenna system)

921 PACTOR II modem with PACTOR I / SITOR, 950L HF trcvr w/TCXO and RS-232 control, 922 power supply, 2 x fan units fo 950 and 922, cable 921 modem - 950 trcvr, cable 921 modem - PC, 921 HF Email system software and manual

FCA point / Shipped from:  Australia

More information: 921 HF EMAIL SYSTEM BROCHURE.pdfAdobe Acrobat Document, PDF(1908.71 KB)


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BC92111 Barrett 921 HF Email system - PACTOR II modem complete outstation Barrett BC92111 921 HF Email system - PACTOR II modem complete outstation (no antenna system)


- 921 PACTOR II modem - with PACTOR 1 and SITOR interoperability.
- 950L HF transceiver with TCXO
- RS-232 control option to suit 950 transceiver.
- 922 mains power supply.
- 2 x fan units fitted to 950 transceiver and 922 power supply.
- Cable 921 modem to 950 transceiver.
- Cable 921 modem to computer with 9 / 25 pin adaptor.
- 921 HF Email system Wavemail - operating software - CD
- 921 HF Email system Wavemail operators manual.

Barrett 921 E-mail system

Utilizing Wavemail / Wavenet software and Barrett 921 Pactor II modems.

The 921 Wavemail software package is a complete email system
optimised for use over HF radio links using the 921 Pactor II modem.
It operates as a standard email system that has an extremely easy to
use software interface.

921 Wavemail provides all the functions needed to create, send, read,
forward, reply and manage messages. Files of any type (e.g. spread
sheets, graphics, text...) can easily be attached using a
file-dialogue or drag-and-drop function. Messages can be addressed to
several recipients and delivery notifications can be requested.

921 Wavemail allows on-line person-to-person dialogue (chatting)
between two stations.

921 resumes the transfer at the point where the connection was lost
in the event of a temporary link failure. This prevents repeating the
same data transfer.

921 Wavemail allows Messages to be addressed to individual persons on
a station. The users at a station can send and receive messages from
their workstation on a LAN or directly on the PC connected to the 921

The 921 system is GLPLUS / RLPLUS compatible

921 networks can use VHF/UHF links and Packet modems, Inmarsat and
telephone lines to extend an HF network.

921 Wavemail handles up to seven different types of modems on one PC.
For example a station can have a Barrett 921 HF modem, a Packet-Radio
modem for a VHF/UHF link and an AT-Hayes compatible telephone modem,
all on the same PC.

921 Wavenet, a separate software package, added to a one station in
the HF network provides a gateway from the HF network to the Internet
via a SMTP / POP3 interface. This also allows easy integration of
WaveMail with many other email systems, as most email systems offer
an Internet gateway. Wavenet provides scheduled dial-up or permanent
TCP/IP connections with the Internet, it also handles RFC822 and
MIME, address translation, and individual send/receive rights.

The 921 Pactor II modem is a state-of-the-art DSP based HF-modem
designed for professional applications. The modem uses advanced
modulation and coding methods resulting in extremely reliable data
transfer even during poor HF-propagation conditions. 921 Pactor II
modem outperforms most other HF-modems under typical HF-propagation
conditions and continues to transfer error-free data when other
modems give up.

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