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Vendor: Midian Electronics
Category: Signaling
Item SKU Number:  512277
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Midian Electronics CAD-MFU
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PC Based Multi-Format ANI Display Decoder, USB Version  

USB version is suppiled with USB, 6-ft cable. The CAD-MF connects to most base station radios using the rear accessory connector of the radio

FCA point / Shipped from:  USA

More information: Midian_CAD_series_brochure.pdfAdobe Acrobat Document, PDF(898.00 KB)
 Midian_CAD-MF_modem.pdfAdobe Acrobat Document, PDF(868.54 KB)

  Accessories      CAD-MFU

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  Description      CAD-MFU

Midian CAD-MF

Midian CAD-MF Computer Based Multi-Format ANI Display Decoder


Features & Benefits


* Decodes and displays unit ID, status, alias, time and date


* Easy to program and install


* Translatable into different languages


* 3 year warranty


* Log traffic to a drive or printer


* Decodes status and location


* Scroll through the day's traffic




Midian Electronics' CAD-MF is a computer based display decoder for the following tone signaling formats:


Motorola's MDC-1200

Kenwood's FleetSync

Harris' G-Star (aka GE-Star)




The CAD decodes and displays the incoming ANI and Emergency ANI (ENI), as well as an alias, status, location and the time and date of the ANI.




Midian's CAD-MF is ideal for monitoring radio communications in fleets such as public safety, taxi, towing, etc.


ANI/ENI: Allows dispatchers to know who he or she is talking to, identify system abusers, identify emergency conditions and assign calls fairly.




The CAD-MF connects to most base station radios using the rear accessory connector of the radio. The CAD-MF is available with a USB or DB9 connector for the PC. A serial to Ethernet adaptor option (CAD Option B) is also available for decode only.




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