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Vendor: Motorola
Category: Portable conventional radios UHF
Item SKU Number:  019014
Discontinued. Accessories are available.

This radio is replaced by MDH25RCH6AN6BEA

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Motorola MDH25RCH6AN6_EA
View Full Image: Motorola MDH25RCH6AN6_EA

GP380Ex UHF 5T ATEX, 403 - 470 MHz; 20/25 kHz, portable radio, 255 channels, 1W, Select 5 Signalling, with keypad. Includes LiIon battery NNTN5510_R, Leather Carry case, User Guide.

1 x 14 Display, 6-key Menu Keypad, Numeric Keypad, Emergency button on top, Rotary Switch continuous, 3 Side Buttons, VOX, Channel Scan, Whisper, Lone Worker, Emergency Signalling.

FCA point / Shipped from:  Europe

More information: Motorola_ATEX_Family_Brochure.pdfAdobe Acrobat Document, PDF(518.25 KB)


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Adds UHF Stubby Antenna (438-470 MHz) - NAE6522
Minimum order of Motorola products is $500.00 (USD)
Motorola MDH125AB
View Full Image: Motorola MDH125AB
$ 0.00

Adds UHF Antenna 9cm (403-433 MHz)- PMAE4002
Minimum order of Motorola products is $500.00 (USD)
Motorola MDH125AC
View Full Image: Motorola MDH125AC
$ 0.00

Adds UHF Antenna 9cm (438-470MHz) - PMAE4003
Minimum order of Motorola products is $500.00 (USD)
Motorola MDH126AB
View Full Image: Motorola MDH126AB
$ 0.00

Adds Hard Leather Carry Case for keypad models (omits standard carry case)
Minimum order of Motorola products is $500.00 (USD)
$ 19.95

Adds Standard Antenna Option
Minimum order of Motorola products is $500.00 (USD)
$ 0.00

Adds Soft Leather Carry Case for keypad models
Minimum order of Motorola products is $500.00 (USD)
$ 0.00

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MOTOROLA ATEX GP380Ex Portable Radio (Black Version)

The essential tool for growing organisations, the GP380 ATEX Radio offers a unique versatility allowing the radio to reflect the changing way that individuals need to communicate when working over a large area.

In addition to the features of the GP340, the GP380 has a full keypad and an alpha-numeric display including battery gauge and caller identity. The simple intuitive menu and contact list makes one-to-one or one-to-many calls easy, putting the power of the GP380 at the user's fingertips. And for occasions when voice communication is inappropriate, pre-defined text messages can be sent between users.

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