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Vendor: Kenwood
Category: Mobile conventional radios UHF
Item SKU Number:  100692
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Kenwood TK-8360HUK
View Full Image: Kenwood TK-8360HUK

KENWOOD TK-8360H Compact UHF Mobile Radio, 450-520 MHz, 45W, 128 Channels, Scrambler Built-in, Backlit LCD and 10 Programmable Function Keys, Front Panel Speaker

Includes: standard microphone (KMC-35), mounting bracket, DC cable (KCT-23M), 15A fuse, instruction manual

Meets U.S. Department of Defense environmental standard MIL STD 810 C, D & E  More...

Warranty: 2 years

FCA point / Shipped from:  USA

More information: Kenwood_TK-7360HV_TK-8360HU_brochure.pdfAdobe Acrobat Document, PDF(654.00 KB)
 Kenwood-TK-7360-TK-8360-instruction-manual.pdfAdobe Acrobat Document, PDF(3313.52 KB)


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TK-7360, TK-8360 Programming (with basic TX/RX check)
Option for KENWOOD TK-7360, TK-8360 radios
Shipped from: USA
Item is an option and cannot be sold separately
$ 27.00

Install Garmin GPS15XL-W for FleetSyncŪ AVL
Option for KENWOOD TK-7360, TK-8360 radios
Shipped from: USA
Item is an option and cannot be sold separately
$ 72.00

Install VGS-1 Voice Guide & Storage Unit
VGS-1 installation precludes any ANI or encryption board installation. Option for KENWOOD TK-7360, TK-8360 radios
Shipped from: USA
Item is an option and cannot be sold separately
$ 18.00


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KENWOOD TK-7360HV / TK-8360HU VHF/UHF Compact Mobile Radios

Kenwood's TK-7360/8360 extra-wide bandwidth mobiles cover all available channels for your organizations requirements. The employee-friendly front consoles boast a bright backlit 10-character display providing clear presentation of messages, caller identification, GPS location and radio channel information day or night. The 10 programmable function keys allow fleet mobiles to be customized to fit the needs of the various user types and departments.

Available as:

TK-7360HVK - 136-174 MHz compact VHF mobile radio
TK-8360HUK - 450-520 MHz compact UHF mobile radio


- 128 Channels / 128 Zones
- 10-Character Alphanumeric Aliases
- Backlit LCD & Keys
- Function/Status LCD Icons
- Blue Function / Status LED
- Transmit /Busy / Call Alert LED
- 10 Programmable Function Keys
- Emergency / AUX Key
- Front Panel Speaker
- Companded Audio
- Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-in
- 16 Scrambler Codes (per CH)
- Encryption / Board Control
- Emergency Call Features
- Lone Worker Alert
- QT / DQT
- DB15 Accessory Interface
- 8 Programmable I/O Ports
- Ignition Sense
- Public Address / Horn Alert Output
- MIL-Spec Standard Mic
- MIL-Spec 12-Key DTMF Mic Option
- Windows Programming & Tuning
- Easy Option Ports (26-pin)
- Cloning
- MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
- IP54 Water & Dust Intrusion


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