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About American Communication Systems

In order to serve you more efficiently, all inquiries are documented in our database. We, therefore, encourage you to submit them on-line, electronically, using our interactive forms.  Contact Tips

•  General Inquiries / Customer Service Write to Us
•  Land-Mobile communication systems inquiries Wireless Voice/Data System Planning
•  Satellite system inquiries Satellite System Planning
•  Price Match Request Price Match Request
•  Equipment returns Return & RMA Request Form
•  Equipment repair Radio Repair & Service
•  We welcome your feedback Feedback Form

E-Mail E-Mail
Mail Mail American Communication Systems
P.O. Box 715, Brooklyn, NY 11230
United States of America
Telephone Telephone +1 (718) 891-3535
Fax Fax +1 (815) 366-8252
"+" - your overseas or long distance access code
"1" - our country code, U.S.A.
"718" - our area code, Brooklyn
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