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Equipment in this category:

TNC Antenna Coaxial Cable Connector, Solder Type, for RG-58/U cable
Compatible with FSG7016 radio
Shipped from: USA
$ 18.95

PL-259 Antenna UHF Connector
a.k.a. E08943. For antenna cable SB01116 (RG-213/U)
Shipped from: Germany
2 pcs required for Back up Base Station/Deck
$ 6.70

BNC Antenna Connector, Solder Type
Compatible with Walter Dittel FSG2T, FSG90, FSG90E radios
Shipped from: Germany
$ 13.60

Antenna Connector, BNC, Solder Type
Compatible with Walter Dittel FSG2T, FSG71M, FSG90, FSG90E, FSG90F, FSG90H radios
Shipped from: Germany
Funke Avionics (Walter Dittel) SE59767
View Full Image: Funke Avionics (Walter Dittel) SE59767
$ 13.60

N-Norm Antenna Connector
For RG-213 antenna cable (SB01116) and SF10210, SF10211, SF10212 airband VHF antennas
Shipped from: Germany
$ 25.50

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