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Q: I need mobile radio accessories. What are my choices?

In order to operate, a mobile radio requires a microphone, power cable and an antenna. This is a minimum requirement.

Most of the mobile radios we sell come with a microphone, power cable and installation hardware. They do not include an antenna.

Antennas: We offer full selection of mobile and base antennas. Your choice depends on the band (VHF or UHF), and specific frequency range within that band. There is also RF antenna gain figure – the higher it is, the more reliable your communications would be. Depending on your mobile installation the whip size may be important. Generally – shorter antenna equals less gain. And finally, select the right mount with cable and RF connector that fits your radio. If you don’t see what you need – contact us.

Power supplies: Mobile radios operate off 13.8V. For use outside of vehicles, they require power supplies. Your choice of power supply should be based on the AC voltage available locally (110/127V or 220/230V).

Microphones and audio accessories: There are handheld microphones, base microphones, DTMF microphones, mobile and base speakers. You have many choices depending on the application. If you anticipate heavy use (and occasional abuse), don't compromise on quality.

Programming software: Most commercial 2-way radios are not field-programmable. Unless you have access to a local radio shop with appropriate software and tools, we recommend you purchase your own software and programming cables. This is especially true if you own multiple radios that may require parameter modifications later or if you plan to move to another area where the same channel allocations may not be available.

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