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Q: I need portable radio accessories. What are my choices?

Antennas: Choose between a stubby and whip antenna (if applicable),for the correct frequency range of your radio (VHF vs. UHF). Most antennas come pre-tuned to exact ranges.

Batteries:Rechargeable battery packs of multiple capacities are being offered. They feature NiCd, NiMH or LiIon chemistries. If you require uninterrupted communications, we recommend purchasing additional spare batteries. Don't forget to check out quality batteries from after-market makers - this can save you money.

Unless stated otherwise, the after-market batteries we sell are certified to properly charge in the original chargers (made by Motorola, Icom, Kenwood etc.). When in doubt – please ask.

Battery eliminators: For use in vehicles. These devices look like batteries with coiled cords and cigarette lighter adapters. Attach a battery eliminator to your radio, plug it in and conserve battery power.

Carry Accessories: for carry cases choices often depend on the type of radio (with or without DTMF keypad) or a battery size. Carry cases are made of leather or nylon. Depending on your application, order cases with belt loops or swivels for quick radio access. Check out other listed carry accessories, they may offer additional functionality and convenience.

Chargers: your choice should be based on the AC voltage available locally (110/127V or 220/230V). Trickle (a.k.a. slow, standard, overnight) charger takes between 8-12 hours to recharge you battery. Rapid charger can do it in 12 hours. Some chargers analyze and discharge the battery first, which actually prolongs battery's useful life. Several manufacturers offer vehicle chargers and/or adapters.

We recommend using rapid chargers with large capacity batteries - standard chargers may not recharge them properly. Newer rapid ‘smart’ chargers do not overcharge batteries being left in them for prolonged periods of time.

Microphones and audio accessories: Handheld microphones, public safety microphones, surveillance kits, listening ear pieces, headsets with boom mikes. You have many choices depending on the application.

Anticipating heavy use (with an occasional abuse) of an audio accessory in your line of work? Then don't compromise on quality.

Programming software and cables: Most commercial two-way radios cannot be keypad-programmed in the field. New radios do not automatically come pre-programmed with your channel information. Unless you have access to a local radio shop with appropriate software and tools, we recommend you purchase your own software and programming cables.

Why would you need them? Example: you own radio(s) that may require parameter modifications later. Moving your operation to another geographical area where channel allocation may be different is another example.

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